Healingstar of Chi inspired by the courageous spirit of my niece, Chilling Hammer. ~full story~ We are donating part of the "Chi Star" proceeds to various support groups for women with Breast Cancer.
~ Peru ~
August 2006
Photo Gallery

February 10, 2006 ~ Healingstar Launch at-AIX in New York City ~
Photo Gallery

Kythe Brewster-Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear-Yves Saint Laurent-Backstage ~ Photo

December 2005 ~ The Cosmic Oasis-Wild Divine/Healingstar Show at the AJ Japour Gallery ~ Photo Gallery

December 2005 ~ The Jewish Museum of Florida ~ One Woman Show ~ Photo Gallery

October 2005 ~ Miami Beach ~Fredda Psaltis will have her first one-woman exhibition of the Healingstar of Peace opening . more info >

June 3-6- The Healingstar and I will be appearing at the " What the Bleep do we Know " conference. more info >

See  www.greatmystery.org/bleep-miami.html   for details.
Say you are on Fredda's list and you will receive a nice discount.

October 2004-AJM Magazine - The Retail Connection -
Tricks and Treats -
Charms ,toys and amulets give new meaning to spring jewelry....
The Healingstar of Peace pendant by Miami-based designer Fredda Psaltis is inspired by the Kabbalistic (a form of ancient mysticism)) model of the universe known as the Tree of Life.The pendant comes in a variety of sizes and is embellished with either quartz or precious gemstones. The stones,which are chosen for their particular healing or protective qualities,are placed in the design to correspond with the body's  points of physical or spiritual energy,known as chakras.

November 2004-Lemonade Magazine -

What's Hot....
The Healingstar of Peace ...
The amulet is inspired by the Kabbalah Tree of Life (a model of the universe in ancient Kabbalah mysticism) and was designed by Fredda Psaltis . It is made of silver or gold, and different gemstones adorn the ten sephirots.The stones adorning the amulet will emanate healing energies found in sacred ancient texts.The purpose of this amulet is to heal on a personal and global level. This is a must have for around your neck,in your car, or as a gift for your friend.Prices range from $100-$3000.For more info go to www.healingstar.net .

December 2004-Christmas Season-Special Issue-Season Magazine-
Seasonal Style-
The Healingstar of Peace amulet was inspired by the kabbalistic model of the universe known as the Tree of Life.Each gemstone symbolizes one of the ten sephirot or divine emanations.The pendant is available in different sizes and styles. www.healingstar.net

November 18, 2004
AJ Japour Gallery in South Beach- -Art with a View-Art and Politics-benefit for WLRN and NPR-Linda Wertheimer is one of the featured speakers.

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November 10, 2004
New Product
Here's a peek at the Healingstar featured in the Wild Divine Project video game called Wisdom Quest ,featuring Deepak Chopra ,coming out in the spring ..
Details to be announced.

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November 02, 2004
Deco Drive
We were featured
on Deco Drive.
-Video Coming Soon-

August 16, 2004

The Daily
Todays obsession

Pendant Patrol

The best medicine of all: jewelry!
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May 20th,2004-
SUN POST: Eye on Society
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April 24th,2004-
Art with a View-The American Dream -AJ Japour Gallery -opening show-The Healingstar will be twinkling there.

April 29th,2004-
Douglas Gardens,Miami -Luncheon and Boutique-Healingstar will be for sale -percentage of proceeds to benefit "Meals on Wheels" program.

May 24th 2004-
Monday 7:30 pm-  watch for The Healingstar story on WLRN TV with Meredith Porte on Artstreet,a weekly half hour TV show devoted to the arts.Dr. Anthony Japour and I will be interviewed together.

June 1-4-,2004
Global Health Council's International Exhibition.
Psaltis and Japour will generously donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Healingstar to the Global Health Council.
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Past Events

March 5th,2003

-"A Star is Born"-
February 14th 2004
The AJ Japour Gallery is pleased to help launch the Healing Star of Peace.
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"Tropical Life"

Special glow: jewelry's mystical elements
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April 4th,2004
Art talk by Fredda Psaltis

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