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The Healingstar of Peace was inspired by the Kabbalistic model of the universe known as the Tree of Life. Each gem stone symbolizes one of the ten sephirot or divine emanations .The center stone represents the Da'at, the unifying element that holds the key to all the "chambers".

Fredda Psaltis, the creator of the work describes her vision: "the Healingstar of Peace was born on an airplane· I quickly sketched the first draft on a napkin... at the center sat the traditional peace sign surrounded by interfaith symbols· every facet was revealed· the puzzle was solved. The stones adorning its points would emanate the healing energies found in sacred ancient texts. The purpose of the Healingstar of Peace is to heal on a personal (microcosmic) energetic level as well as a global (macrocosmic) level."

The AJ Japour Gallery is pleased to help launch the Healing Star of Peace . While conflict in religious beliefs can often be at the center of cultural discord, the " Healingstar of Peace " offers a symbol for hope, unity, understanding and acceptance of all peoples regardless of their religious beliefs. A percentage of the proceeds emanating from the AJ Japour Gallery will be donated by Fredda Psaltis and the AJ Japour Gallery to The Global Health Council ( .
-- Dr. Anthony J. Japour, Director

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