May 20th,2004-
SUN POST: Eye on Society

Dr. Anthony Japour told this writer that a year ago one of out photographers took a picture of him on the 33rd floor of his gallery with the Art Deco buildings in the background, leading him to be chosen as one of the bachelors in a charity event. Dr Japour is the gallery director of The AJ Japour Gallery, a museum that presents quality art and supports public service organizations dedicated to health, education, and welfare of children.

Amongst many works that can be viewed at the gallery are by artist Freda Psaltis, the creator of the Healing star of peace. Fredda Psaltis explains: "The Healingstar of Peace was inspired by the Cabalistic model of the universe known as the Tree of Life. Each gemstone symbolizes one of the ten sephirot or divine emanations. The center stone represents the Da'at, the unifying element that holds the key to all the 'chambers.' The stones adorning will emanate the healing energies found in sacred ancient texts. The purpose of the Healingstar of Peace is to heal on a personal (microcosmic) energetic level as well as a global level."



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