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NEWY YORK: Monday, August 16, 2004

Miami based designer Fredda Psaltis was inspired by the Kabbalistic model of the universe known as the Tree of Life when designing the „healingstarš pendant. Each gemstone in the piece symbolizes one of the ten sephirot or divine emanations.The pendants incorporate many a dazzling gem, including black star sapphire, blue sapphire, citrine, ruby, black onyx, rutilated quartz, emerald, carnelian, amethyst, and rutilated quartz. The healing properties of the pieces are as follows:

Keter Ų „ Crownš
Diamond: wealth, good fortune, success, constancy, purity, and influence

Chochmah - „Wisdomš
Black star sapphire: stone of destiny, faith, and hope

Binah - „Understandingš
Onyx: cools the fires of love

Chesed - „Loving kindnessš
Sapphire: protection from harm and envy, stone of destiny, deters poverty and terror, reduces pain and inflammation

Gevura - „Mightš
Ruby: stimulates circulation preserves ones health, promotes fertility, joy, integrity, leadership.

Tiferet- „Beautyš
Citrine: attracts abundance, enhances cheerfulness, helps detoxify on all levels

Netzach Ų „Victoryš

Emerald: symbol of victory, tranquility, balance, healing, opens the heart, enhances love and kindness

Hod - „Splendorš
Carnelian: connects one to higher self, very healing, joyous and protective, brings good luck, protects children

Yesod - „Foundationš
Amethyst: king of all healing stones, symbol of purity, strengthens the immune system, enhances meditation and intuition calming stone, high spirituality

Malchut - „Kingdomš

Opal: possesses the virtues of all of the gems an incredible glittering union, stone of love and hope

BUY: Priced between $460 and $3200

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