Healingstar of Peace

Global Health Council is pleased to ounce that it is a beneficiary of the collaboration between the Miami-based artist Fredda Psaltis and renowned AIDS researcher and physician Anthony Japour.

Working through the AJ Japour Gallery, an art gallery dedicated to presenting museum-quality art and supporting public service organizations dedicated to health, education and the welfare of children, Psaltis is selling a unique piece of art, the Healingstar of Peace.
Psaltis offers her artwork as a symbol of hope, unity, understanding, and acceptance.

Together, Psaltis and Japour will generously donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Healingstar to the Global Health Council.

For more information on the Healingstar of peace, please visitwww.healingstar.net/ajlapourgallery.html.
To learn more about the AJ Gallery, please visit www.ajjapourgallery.com.
Photo by Robin Hill

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