" What the Bleep do we Know "

June 3-6- The Healingstar and I will be appearing at the
" What the Bleep do we Know " conference.

See  www.greatmystery.org/bleep-miami.html   for details.
Say you are on Fredda's list and you will receive a nice discount

"As th is film toured the country over the past year, we experienced how it had a profound effect on so many people, particularly among members of organizations such as yours.  There are many who in fact have seen it numerous times.  We would like to invite members of your organization to attend th is conference at a d is counted rate to further deepen their understanding of the principles put forth by the film and to integrate them more fully into their lives.  I look forward to hearing from you very soon.  In order to reg is ter on the group d is count, you will need to telephone the office and mention the name of the group ãFredda's L is tä to obtain the d is count.  The at-the-door cost for the three day weekend is $345.00."

D is count for your group: Full pass: $245; Fri. pass: $105; Sat. & Sun. passes: $125 .

Reg is ter by calling: 888-777-5981

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