The Healingstar of Peace was inspired by the Kabbalistic model of the universe known as the Tree of Life.Each gem stone symbolizes one of the ten sephirot or divine emanations .The center stone represents the Da’at ,the unifying element that holds the key to all the “chambers”.

The properties of each stone and their corresponding position in the star diagram above is explained below.You will notice that I have placed a form of quartz /crystal in each of the spheres that are “neutral” and in the position of Da’at ,because of its pure ,amplifying properties.Whether you possess the crystal or the gemstone model of the star ,the energy will be just as powerful, simply by the sacred geometry and love with which it has been created …

Properties of the Semi-Precious Healingstar of Peace

Sephira - Lifeforce - Gemstone - Properties

1. Keter - ”Crown” - quartz -
perfect jewel, psychic amplifier, tremendous energy, symbol of purity,the infinity of space, cures diseases,possesses magical powers moonstone- dream stone”--sacred, magical stone ,ideal stone for lovers, furthers intuition and sensitivity ,brings emotional balance, symbol of fertility. reduces excess fluid in body, essentially for female health.

2. Chochmah - ”Wisdom” - black star sapphire -
stone of destiny,faith and hope.

3. Binah - ”Understanding” - onyx- holds emotions and passions under control,eliminates negative thinking,Onyx is used as a heart, kidney, nerve, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener.

Da’at - ”Knowledge” - quartz - psychic amplifier, perfect jewel, tremendous energy ,symbol of purity,the infinity of space,possesses magical powers,cures diseases.
Moonstone-“dream stone”--sacred, magical stone, ideal stone for lovers, furthers intuition and sensitivity, brings emotional balance, symbol of fertility,. reduces excess fluid in body, essentially for female health.

4. Chesed - ”Lovingkindness” - lapis lazuli -
peace of mind,,,a highly spiritual stone cleanses the aura, develops the powers of mind, intuition, wisdom and memory.Medically, it prevents fits, epilepsy, strokes, depression, and helps heart and spleen ,improves eyesight.

5. Gevura - ”Might” - garnet-
gem of faith,truth and constancy,,prosperity,light of Noah’s ark.Garnet is associated with vitality, courage, passion, love, sensuality and self-confidence ,use it to stabilize your relationships. Physically, it used to treat disorders of the blood, heart, lungs, spine and bones. Purifies blood and helps in anemia and circulatory problems. Also boosts sexual energy and fertility.

6. Tiferet - ”Beauty” - citrine -
is a signature of wisdom and peace.Citrine is valuable in the treatment of depression, said to stimulate memory,enhances creativity,attracts abundance.Citrine symbolizes light-heartedness, joy and happiness It aids digestion, and removes toxins from the body. Citrine is a good healing stone, especially for heart, kidney and liver. It helps fighting diabetes.

7. Netzach - ”Victory” - jade -
It is credited with five qualities: clarity, courage, justice, wisdom and modesty. Reduces tension in your life,Concentrated essence of love,balances the emotions,calms the mind. Physically, cures kidney problems, bladder troubles, poor digestion and eye problems. Alleviates sore back or spine.,strengthens the body,purifies the blood.

8. Hod - ”Splendor” - carnelian -
connects one to higher self,very healing,joyous and protective,brings good luck,protects children.Stone associated with emotional warmth, creativity, reproduction, rebirth, reincarnation and past life recall. Carnelian directly works on lower chakras, so it dispels arthritis, rheumatism, lower back troubles, female reproductive problems, increases fertility and cures impotence. Alleviates all ailments related to blood; besides being a remedy for fever, neuralgia, allergies and infection.

9. Yesod - ”Foundation” - amethyst -
king of all healing stones,symbol of purity,strengthens the immune system,enhances meditation and intuition,calming stone,high spirituality. Protects against blood diseases, toxic effects of substances, acne, neuralgia and fits. Indispensable for curing alcoholism and diabetes.

10. Malchut - ”Kingdom” - tiger‘s-eye-
protects wearer from evil,preserves owners health,guards against poverty,endows foresight. Also associated with the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly, without illusion. Excellent for asthma patients.

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