~Healingstar Chronicles~
“The Power of the Healingstar”

“I work with children as a therapist to help process their feelings. Many of the children I see suffer from abuse, neglect and abandonment. This is the story of how the Healingstar helped one of my children.

John is an eleven year old Afro American male who suffers from a history of abuse. He reports that he feels alone and isolated in the world. He reports few friends at school and behavior problems at home.

During my last session with John he initially appeared very withdrawn and sullen. He was very resistant to communicating with me, which is unusual for him. I left John and was perplexed about his change of behavior with me. I pondered on what to do with him to draw him out of his isolation and inability to express his feelings and needs.

Next visit I went and decided to use the non directive approach, letting him take the lead.

John saw the Healingstar around my neck and became engrossed in its beauty. It seemed to capture him. He asked me about it and I explained the concept of peace to him. John became engrossed in the concept of peace and was able to share what peace meant to him. This opened up new insights for both John and myself. He told me that Peace for him is spending time at his grandparents home.

We were able to identify positive feelings and John was able to reveal his feelings to both himself and me. It was a break through!

John asked for the Healingstar. The artist has promised to give him one so that he can feel his peace more often!”


“I received my first Healing Star from Fredda in July, of 2003. Upon receiving it in the mail, holding it, praying and meditating with the Healing Star, I got this direct communication from it that I was to take it to my dear friend Pat Kay, who was dying of cancer. I went right over to her home.

I opened her condo door, walked into her kitchen where she was somehow sitting up in a chair. As I walked in, Pat said rather loudly as she pointed to the Star around my neck: "What is that?" I explained that it was called a Healing Star and I got that she was to wear it. She got very excited, put it around her neck and had it on continually until her mother and I took her off of her the day she died, which was Aug. 6, 2003.

Pat's mom handed me the Healing Star. I looked at it closely, and could not believe what I saw. All of the gemstones were out of their sockets, except two. It was like they were burned out. It was like those gemstones helped Pat make her transition. She seemed to know this, and welcomed the Star immediately, somehow realizing its purpose and that there were no words to explain its guidance as she left the earth plane. “

Submitted by P N

“That is so exciting! I am so happy for you! I can't thank you enough for the star, it is soooo amazing! So many people complimented me on my star are so intrigued about it as well. I have given your website out to so many of my teachers and friends who want one. People get lost in it! It is truly amazing to watch people as they realize they have been staring at the star during the entire conversation. It has also helped me when I am going insane to remind myself of everything we discussed and the bigger picture. I hope to see you soon and share some videos of my dance performances with you. Please tell me if you come to New York so we can meet.

Much love.”A.

Happy Day Fredda, You are the answer to my prayers: Amethyst, of course. Phyllis says she has the new key chain. She will bring it to class so we can all see it. We are looking forward to having those of course. The energy of the star is so incredible it is beyond words!!! Do you have a 17"or 18" chain for the large Healing Star? Need that length so the Star will be right on my heart. Thanks so much for your Treasures. We are all so very blessed to be a part of this wondrous work of God and the Angels. Keep the Faith O:-))))))) In Peace and Joy, -D.C

And by the way, I have actually been feeling that the star IS doing

something - I've been thinking about it more and more, how suddenly

mellower I feel. And I've actually wondered if it's the star. I am

driving noticeably slower, and that is a time that it touches my body

as it dangles on the knee. You might want to pass that on to Freda.


Dear Fredda,

Healingstar story of healing:D.C. a woman of 70 or so fell down some stairs, badly bruising her hip…could not walk. She started to sleep with the Healingstar taped to her hip…and with in two or three days the pain was all gone, and she was walking.-PN

Happy Day Fredda,

This is you !!!

Simply wonderful!

Just to thank you again for my wonderful Healingstars-the amethyst is so powerful-fills up the room with great energy!!Large silver without stones is a great pendulum also!

Is there anything the “Angel Group” can do for you?

In peace and joy,


My dear Fredda,

I am back at work today. I arrived late last week, and had used the last

few days to recover from the long trip.

It was a great blessing to have met you, and been introduced to

Healingstar. Thank you, once again, for your present. It's stayed with me

since then, taken off only when I go to bed. The necklace has caught the

eye of a number of people, among them my own family, including my young

kids. I tell them it's for my healing, given to me by a beautiful-hearted

artist I met in Washington.

I came away from my trip to the States much enriched, professionally and

personally. Meeting you has been one of the reasons why.

I hope we meet again. My fervent prayers that the Universe continue to

bless you.

Your friends are right - we need artists in our midst, especially amongst us people in the development field. We need your imagination, your inspiration to create, your commitment to truth and beauty. So stay right where you are; you remind us to stay connected with our souls.


Hi A..

I just had to tell you this story..it's just too amazing.

I just returned from my uncles funeral this morning..I had all of these messages and emails from your article. The first phone call I receive is from this woman calling for her mother..Where can she see the Star in person? she saw it in the article and went online but wants to see it in person. Now I can't have all of these strangers coming to my home so I arrange to meet them tomorrow at a cafe and show them some pieces. After getting all of this wonderful response and deciding I had better put these pieces in a store quickly so that people will have a place to go ,I quickly called my friend on Espanola Way who owns a great little store there,” Heart and Soul", that I had promised my pieces to when I was ready. I was all set to have a nice relaxing spa day (treat from my client),when she ,(my client) suggests I should run the pieces over now instead of later. So I walk into the store with the Herald article and a couple of pieces. She then tells me the Herald just interviewed her the nite before about her store, so she wanted to call them to tell them she'd be carrying my piece..we then notice that there's an older woman looking around the store listening to us ..she comes over and says..I'm looking for something just like that..she then pulls your article out of her purse with my whole website printed out..it took a couple of minutes because we were all in shock...it turns out that she was the person whose daughter had called earlier and made the appointment for tomorrow ..she had never been in that store before, she said something just drew her there, she had no idea why, when I explained that I am the one from the newspaper and phone I thought she was going to pass out. The store owner started shaking and I couldn't believe the magic!!The woman was practically in tears, we were all freaked out, I think my friend thought I set it all up it was all too weird..I just told her "Fasten your seatbelts!” I think I was in that store for a total of fifteen minutes..imagine the synchronicity on every level..wow..I just had to tell you..

My family really loved the article too..it brought a bit of happiness to a really sad time

Thank you honey..



Comments: I contacted you last year after receiving a healing star as a gift @ Heart and Soul. I love it. I wanted to know the cost of purchasing a mini star in white gold with chain. I am very much into Kabbalah and believe your star has created miracles in my life. I want to move back to South Beach and have had many health problems over the last year, but when I have your star on my neck I feel protected and I have sooo much clarity. Negative thoughts disappear. That is why I would love a mini one to always have around my neck. You and your talent changed my life. L

The Wild Divine Story

When I met Fredda, I was feverishly designing and exploring the themes that were to be the experiential threads in the second title from The Wild Divine Project. The Journey to Wild Divine is an interactive game series that uses biofeedback technology to promote health and wellness.

I think that I actually met Fredda's Healing Star first. After a long search, the Healing star was gleaming before me; I knew that I had found what I was looking for and it just so happened to be worn by Fredda Psaltis.

The design for the Wisdom Quest was well under way, when I was asked by Deepak Chopra to present the first title from The Wild Divine Project, The Passage, at the Alliance for a New Humanity. During the time of the conference, I had been intensely researching mythological themes and delving into the challenges of global peace and the human struggle to realize it. I wanted the Wisdom Quest to be a journey of discovery and the enfoldment of ancient wisdom that would inspire hope and inner passion for peace. I had chosen the potent mythological figure of the Butterfly Maiden to represent this metaphor of transformation and metamorphosis. A very synchronistic confirmation of this theme surfaced in a discussion with Deepak Chopra. Deepak told this wonderful story of the metamorphosis of the chrysalis into a butterfly. Deepak’s butterfly story was very symbolic of peace and how peace manifests in global consciousness. With this confirmation of the Butterfly Maiden theme, I decided that the player would journey through a series of challenges or gateways. These biofeedback event challenges would require the player to learn and perfect certain breathing techniques that actually encourage the physical heart to go into a coherent physiological state. These heart coherence patterns, which we pick up from sensors on the players finger tips, are reflected back to the player in animated sequences, showing the player’s improvement. I wanted the player to have the feeling that they were actually reuniting lost aspects of ancient wisdom. I was looking for a symbol of peace that was ancient but at the same time contemporary and authentic. In an exhaustive search, I studied sacred geometric forms and symbols, hoping that the right form would present itself. This object or amulet would be the actual “key” in the Wisdom Quest, that would open a virtual star gate and unveil the sought after mystery in the game. Being central to the game itself, much of the game production was being held up because I hadn't found this key. Then in Puerto Rico at the Alliance for a New Humanity, I saw the Healing Star of Peace. I remember just reaching out and holding the Star and then looking up to see Fredda smiling. I said “where did you get this" and Fredda said “I made it!" and this is when our collaboration began.--Corwin Bell-Wild Divine

My Dearest Fredda,
I have no words to match the feelings in my heart of gratitude for your beautiful and generous gift. I was amazed at the beauty and inspiration that you demonstrated in producing this piece when we first met and I am even more in awe today. I fell very privileged to have been given this by you and I will wear it with grace and hope that its energy will spread around the world.

May your blessings be abundant.
Until we meet again, Irene

Irene Marie Management Group


Dear Fredda,
Thank you for keeping the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives by the beautiful story you have shared with me and also, the star.  I have been traveling non-stop and did receive your gift of generosity.

Wishing you the spontaneous fulfillment of your desires.
Warm regards,



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